Samsung at ISE: transparent LED European debut & IoT powered platform for business

Samsung showed off its Transparent Micro LED in Europe for the first time and focused on SmartThings’ impact on business connectivity when it exhibited at ISE 2024.

At the event, Samsung showed how SmartThings enables business owners to use their digital signage to connect and gain more control of their smart devices. By offering the SmartThings connectivity feature to commercial display products such as Smart Signage and Hotel TVs, users can add connectivity to business environments. These changes will include Samsung smart devices, as well as other devices that support the industry’s latest IoT specifications, Matter and the Home Connectivity Alliance (HCA).

Examples of the smart spaces created by this move - including a smart store, smart office and smart hotel – were on display at Samsung’s booth at ISE 2024.

With the Routines feature, users can create desired environments by setting the optimal lighting, temperature, humidity, and air quality in advance, and easily maintain them over time with automated space management. For instance, a smart store can automatically turn the power supply on and off to align menu boards and lighting with operating hours.

SmartThings AI Energy Mode helps business owners stay eco-conscious by reducing energy usage through efficient asset management and advanced monitoring, such as turning off connected devices or dimming the lights during the day depending on power usage, occupancy and time.

To cater to diverse B2B customer needs, Samsung has expanded the SmartThings Enterprise API for business owners. By leveraging the API, customers can easily connect SmartThings to their own management system and create a customised solution optimised for different scenarios or dashboards with the information they want. The customisable device ecosystem ensures seamless connectivity across a wide range of devices and enhances system reliability. A separate application for installers also makes the installation process easy, paying attention to the needs of B2B customers with different device owners.

In the case of a hotel or a conference room, where the device owner and the user may be different, the device owner can generate a web URL to share SmartThings features with the end users. This way, hotel guests and conference room users can access the SmartThings experience without having to install an extra app. The device owner can also specify the use of authorisation and duration of the connected device when generating a web URL.

SmartThings for Business is set to be globally available during the first half of 2024.

Focus on education

During ISE, Samsung also announced its first Google Enterprise Devices Licensing Agreement (EDLA)-certified interactive display expected to launch in the first half of 2024. Powered by Android 13, the WAD series is available in 65-, 75-, and 86-in models.

The WAD series offers an interactive classroom experience with a suite of educational tools. It provides access to educational apps through Google Play, while also allowing access to various Google services, such as Google Classroom and Google Drive. The interactive display has the look and feel of a large tablet with a familiar and intuitive user interface.

The WAD series has been engineered to meet safety and reliability requirements in educational environments. The display offers enhanced protection during electrical surges or high humidity, adopting various technical measures including a 500V (DC) capacitor to instantly absorb high voltage up to 500V, and a glass type fuse to prevent damage. The WAD series also applies anti-humidity glue to the critical area of the chipset to withstand humid conditions.

Additionally, Device Management Solution (DMS) offers remote monitoring and control of classroom displays, even when unforeseen circumstances arise. With Advanced Messaging, the displays can immediately send important messages across campuses, classrooms and public spaces. Urgent communications can also be displayed on interactive whiteboards, so students and other personnel are alerted in real time.

Plus, the series includes an optional attachable Wi-Fi module, catering to advanced security requirements for various sectors.

The WAD series has been designed with learning optimisation as a key priority. It offers a natural writing experience with infrared (IR) touch and supports up to 40 simultaneous touchpoints. The slim design lets educators move the device more conveniently, and features such as Multi Window mode allows them to manage multiple windows within the interface. There is also a 3-in-1 USB-C port that simplifies connectivity and allows connected devices to be charged at up to 65W, plus an HDMI output that enables easy content sharing. For improved convenience, the series also comes with a front stereo speaker, penholder and handle.


Cisco partnership

Samsung also announced an expanded partnership with Cisco at ISE 2024 that is aimed at hybrid workers. As part of this new partnership, Samsung unveiled its new 105-in, 21:9 Smart Signage QPD-5K model that is compatible with Cisco Room Kit EQ, which is certified for Microsoft Teams.

Samsung’s newly released 105-in QPD-5K model comes with 5K resolution and a 21:9 aspect ratio. It provides an intuitive, yet natural video conferencing experience ideal for hybrid workspaces. The QPD-5K is compatible with the Cisco Room Bar and Room Kit Series, creating an efficient meeting environment by integrating camera, audio and all other capabilities required for video conferencing.

When connecting video conferencing devices certified for Microsoft Teams, such as Cisco’s RoomOS-powered systems, the QPD-5K model’s 21:9 aspect ratio optimises Front Row experience, an inclusive meeting layout for Microsoft Teams Rooms. It ensures that all participants, whether joining remotely or in person, feel equally present and engaged in the discussion.

Providing a panoramic view, the QPD-5K display supports multiple windows to display more information and runs on Tizen OS.

Users can also take advantage of a dual-screen video conferencing experience by connecting two Samsung 4K UHD Smart Signage series displays the Cisco Room Kit EQX. This feature is available with QHC, QMC and QBC models ranging in size from 65- to 75-in.  

 ‘Transparent Micro LED’ in Europe

At ISE 2024, Samsung presented the Transparent Micro LED in Europe for the first time after it was unveiled globally at CES 2024. The display has an extremely small Micro LED chip and precision manufacturing process that eliminates seams and light refraction. The transparent Micro LED can be customised to any size or ratio.

This technology is targeted at retail and exhibition spaces, with the display simultaneously showing important information while providing a view of actual products or creating a unique ambiance through its transparent surface.

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