Salzbrenner to showcase microphone winch at Stage Set Scenery 2019

The MIC fly microphone winch can be individually configured and manufactured to customer requirements, with the design able to be adjusted if required.

The standard size is approximately 60 x 60 x 20cm, with an approximate weight of 35kg.  

The Salzbrenner media winch allows for microphone cable lengths of up to 25 metres, including safety devices to ensure safe winding operation.

The winch configuration enables the use of stereo microphones, both mono and stereo, and can be attached to a single microphone winch.

Mounting or safeguarding is also possible via two steel sockets welded into the chassis with a 10mm bore. Additional mounting holes are featured in the base plate to offer flexible mounting options.

In addition, electronic ramp control is provided for starting and braking, with network connection and data loop-through to further winches being possible.

The winch can be controlled via touch pad and web browser over LAN/WLAN, using a software application with a freely programmable user interface.

The tablet can be mounted on a wall or used as a mobile device.

Individual single movements of the winch can be carried out, with the parking position of a winch being stored in able to be called up via the tablet.

Four winches can be operated in a cluster, enabling positioning in a 3D working environment. Up to seven microphones can be operated simultaneously on four winches.

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