S[quadrat] launches 3 LED series

German LED specialist S[quadrat] is launching transparent, extra flat and poster series LED products.

The Transparent SIC series includes products with pixel pitches of 3.9 mm, 7.8 mm, 10.4 mm and 15.6 mm. 

Transparency is 85% and the products are suited to shop window, room divider, exhibition stands and other indoor applications. 

The slim series is designed to be thin and light and all of its LED modules have the standard dimension of 32cm wide and 32cm high. The modules are 3cm deep and weigh 1.6kg. S[quadrat] offers 4mm pixel pitch for indoor and 4mm, 6mm and 10mm pixel pitch for outdoor. 

Finally, the poster series offers pixel pitches 1.9mm and 2.5mm. The poster screens are 57cm wide, 190cm high, 3.5cm deep and have a weight of 30kg. The series can be assembled as a 16:9 screen or connected to a hanging structure. Poster screens are suited to advertising and information media in shopping centres, airports and train stations, canteens and conference centres.

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