Ruggedised cables for AV use

The Harting Han-Modular series of industrial connector inserts is a range of rugged IP65/67 hoods and housings suitable for harsh handling conditions.

Multiple contact style modules can be mixed to suit particular needs. Multi-pin modules can support analogue and digital audio transfer.  Various coaxial modules can handle SDI and HD-SDI video.  A full range of power modules allows current handling from a few amperes through to 100 A.  RJ45 data modules allow Cat. 5 10/100 Mbit/s or Cat. 6e 1 Gbit/s Ethernet transfer via HARTING patch leads.  The integrated screening design of the Han(R) Gigabit Ethernet module allows secure signal and power modules  to be densely packed in a single housing.  For optimum signal screening and increased transmission distances, HARTING also offers SC fibre-optic modules.

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