RTT announces software upgrades to PictureBook and PowerHouse

RTT, a provider of 3D visualisation in real time, has announced new software versions of PictureBook and PowerHouse.

PictureBook speeds up asset management and creative consultation and maintains transparency for all the visual data sets – from CAD data to complex visualisations. Powerhouse is real-time service that integrates into business processes and optimises workflows.

The web interface of PictureBook is designed to simplify project tracking and enterprise-wide decision-making for visual assets. It supports 3D specialists and users in marketing and sales departments. Version 6.5 meanas the co-ordination is now also interactively possible in 3D via web meetings.

PowerHouse automates rendering processes for online product catalogues, and high-circulation print productions. On the basis of DeltaGen scenes, the full range of file formats of images, videos or personalised on-demand media can be produced automatically.

PictureBook distributes the required 3D models in the PowerHouse rendering cloud and uses a framework for monitoring the progress achieved. The flexible architecture allows the rendering processes to be scalable and can be safely used for a variety of user needs. The seamless connection to DeltaGen, the core software of RTT, guarantees a smooth process.