RTI now shipping Miravue VIP-1 video-over-IP system

After the acquisition of the Miravue VIP-1 earlier this year from the company of the same name, RTI has announced it is now shipping the video-over-IP system.

The VIP-1 acts as a transmitter and a receiver, lowering AV distribution costs by reducing components, cabling, and installation time.

The unit encodes H.264 video up to its highest supported resolution (1080p) along with Dolby 5.1 audio.

The VIP-1's built-in scaler matches the displays' maximum resolution, while automatically providing stereo downmixing and lip-sync adjustment. Network video streams from IP security cameras may be viewed without the need for additional equipment.

Suitable for new and retrofit installations, the VIP-1 delivers HD video over wired and wireless Ethernet networks. Due to its low bandwidth usage, the transceiver is compatible with virtually any networking gear, from an unmanaged switch for smaller applications up to high-end gigabit Ethernet switches for larger installations. When combined with an XP processor, the video-over-IP system also acts as an extension of the RTI control ecosystem, delivering IR and RS-232 control to external devices.

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