RTI launches driver to integrate with Lutron’s lighting control platform

Control and automation manufacturer RTI has launched a driver for Lutron’s lighting control platform, Athena.

The Lutron LEAP v2.1 allows the RTI control platform to integrate with the all-in-one lighting system that optimises operations within a property through fully customisable control of lighting and intelligent blinds.  

Mark Taylor, commercial director at Invision, said: “We are thrilled that RTI has developed a driver for Lutron’s Athena. This partnership represents a great opportunity for integrators to offer an exceptional user experience while optimising energy usage within commercial spaces.

“The energy crisis and the update to Part L2 of the building regulations has highlighted a need for both residential and commercial markets to review their property’s energy consumption in order to reduce energy waste while saving money. With the use of cutting-edge technology like smart lighting control this can be achieved.”

The Climate Group estimates that lighting contributes to approximately 5% of worldwide CO2 emissions and, for integrators, reviewing a building’s lighting system is a wise place to start. 

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