RTI adds KX4 touchpanel with built-in processor for single-room installs

RTI has announced the KX4 touchpanel with built-in processor to simplify single-room installations from boardrooms to lecture halls that require both on-wall control and processing power to control multiple devices.

Shipping November 1, the KX4 combines a 4-in capacitive touchscreen and five-button interface with a control processor for installations in all single-room environments. 

The KX4 can be customised with RTI's Laser Shark engraving.

The built-in control processor delivers robust capabilities to maximize integration with connected devices, including support for two-way drivers, the RTiPanel Mobile App, and use as either a stand-alone processor or as a secondary processor in larger configurations. Back panel connections enable direct control of connected devices via IR; IP; two RS-232, six voltage sense ports with sense-event capabilities; and four relays for control via contact closure. 

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