Ross launches AirCleaner-2 live event system

Ross has unveiled its AirCleaner-2, an updated version of its live event protection delay system.

AirCleaner-2 allows users to conceal unwanted audio or video via a two-button control panel which can be used to defocus video or ‘cut to a safe image’ during unexpected visuals, with jumbled audio, mute or a ‘cut to a safe sound’ such as a beep tone. 
The AirCleaner-2 features a 2RU hardware platform with improved processing power, capable of support for 3G 1080P HD including the 60p frame rate. 

Both 12G 2160p-4K-UHD and 100G SMPTE 2110 IP video I/Os will be available later in the year as optional software licenses which can be bought and installed online. 

The AirCleaner-2 is available in three models with differing time delay settings. The first two models can be upgraded over the internet if delay requirements change. 

The system has an updated user control panel has been updated, with two control panels able to be used if dual-user operation is required.  

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