Roland debuts V-80HD direct streaming video switcher

Roland has introduced the V-80HD direct streaming video switcher and graphics presenter.

The 8-channel V-80HD direct streaming video switcher covers video needs for in-person events, livestreaming, studio production, and more. By using the companion graphics presenter software users can add titles, motion graphics, and more to enhance productions.

Eight channels allow for switching for up to four HDMI and four SDI input sources, including two with 4K scaling. Additionally, an SRT input can be assigned to a cross-point button together with an SDI and HDMI input.

Multiple assignable outputs include two SDI, three HDMI, USB-C streaming, and LAN (RTMP/SRT).

The V-80HD also supports SRT (Secure Reliable Transport), an open-source standard for AVoIP for secure encrypted audio and video.

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