Roland announces SR-20HD direct streaming AV mixer

Roland has announced the SR-20HD direct streaming AV mixer, a portable audio/video switcher.

It combines a video switcher, audio mixer, preview screen, recorder/player, and streaming encoder in one unit. Presenters can stream directly to YouTube Live, Facebook, Twitch, or by RTMP to a CDN without the need for a computer, removing the risk of malware and other issues arising with computer-based streaming on enterprise networks.

The SR-20HD has automatic functions that run in the background to eliminate dropped streams and help protect organisations from broadcasting inappropriate content.

The Adaptive Bitrate function monitors the network connection and automatically adjusts the streaming rate to reduce interruptions due to bandwidth issues. A mobile phone with a 4G or 5G data plan can be tethered and used as the primary streaming connection or a redundant backup. The Safety Delay function buffers up to 60 seconds of video and audio, allowing users to switch to a still image or mute the sound if anything goes wrong.







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