Riedel showcases Smart Rack accessories

Riedel Communications recently presented its Smart Rack Modular Accessories Suite at NAB in Las Vegas.

The Smart Rack solution consists of WDM and CWDM Multiplexers and De-Multiplexers as well as RF-over-fiber converters and patch modules for Neutrik opticalCON cables.

At the heart of the solution is the SR-1 Smart Rack Module Carrier System. The SR-1 is a 19"/1RU universal housing offering space for four 4.75" sized modules, two 9,5" sized modules or any combination thereof. The individual modules can be mounted with the rear-side to the front by inserting the module backwards. Riedel’s Smart Rack system features a locking mechanism for the modules.

The Riedel SR-RF modules are 4.75" wide and are suitable for remoting antennas over long distances. The compact units convert analogue RF signals into optical modulated signals, which are then transmitted via fibre. At the remote location the optical signal is re-converted into an analog RF signal. RF-over-fiber links can be used for RF receivers and transmitters. The modules operate in the 10 MHz - 1000 MHz range with ± 1dB flatness. The modules are available with a wavelength of 1311nm and 1551nm.

The Riedel MC-WDM interface is 4.75" wide and provides two multiplexer/de-multiplexers to multiplex/de-multiplex up to three LC duplex single-mode fiber links each onto one LC connector (MC-WDM-L) or onto the two fiber pairs of one Neutrik opticalCon Quad fiber connector (MC-WDM-Q). Supported wavelengths include 1310nm, 1490nm and 1550nm. The connectors are available on either the front or the back of each interface.

The Riedel MC-CWDM interface is 9.5" wide and offers multiplexing and de-multiplexing capabilities over one duplex fiber link for up to 18 LC duplex single-mode connections of different standards, data rates or protocols, such as MediorNet high speed links. The multiplexed signal is available on either an LC connector (MC-CWDM-L) or on a Neutrik opticalCon Quad connector (MC-CWDM-Q). The MC-CWDM also features a separate LC duplex connector. In the LC version this serves as a coupler for two LC fiber, in the opticalCon Quad version this connector provides access to the second pair of fiber of the opticalCon Quad cable. The connectors are available on either the front or the back of each interface.

The Riedel MC-QP is a 4.75" wide module and provides patching of Neutrik opticalCon Quad fiber cables with LC Duplex fiber cables and vice versa.

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