Riedel intros MediorNet Control App for SmartPanel UI

Riedel has introduced MediorNet Control App for the company's RSP-2318 SmartPanel multifunctional user interface.

The launch links the SmartPanel directly into the Riedel MediorNet media network as a dedicated control panel and can work with existing Intercom Apps to offer users simultaneous intercom functionality, enabling them to route, control, and communicate at the same time using one 1-RU system.

MediorNet Control App is the second app family developed for Riedel's SmartPanel interface. By equipping the SmartPanel with the MediorNet Control App, users can consolidate two panels into one panel that provides full intercom and control functionality at all times. With the Intercom and MediorNet Control Apps running in parallel, Riedel says the SmartPanel serves as an AV control system. 

The Riedel device features three high-resolution, sunlight-readable, multitouch colour displays; a multilingual character set; and 18 keys. It offers AES67 and AVB connectivity as standard and AES3 over Cat or coax cable as an option. The SmartPanel also features exchangeable headset connectors, an integrated power supply, individual volume controls for each key, two USB ports, two Ethernet connectors, GPIO, audio I/O, an option slot, a removable gooseneck microphone, and an SD card slot.

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