Ricoh unveils 7 projectors

Ricoh has announced seven projectors including desk edge, short throw and standard install models.

The products - which were on display during InfoComm 2015, June 17-19 in Orlando, USA – include Ricoh PJ X4241N and PJ WX4241N series short-throw projectors capable of displaying an image between 60 – 400-in diagonal.

Also on stand was a desk-edge Ricoh PJ X3351N and PJ WX3351N units capable of projecting an image 40 - 400-in diagonal from a distance of 30.3-in – 481.9-in at a resolution of up to WXGA.

The company also showed off a line of standard install projectors, including Ricoh’s first HD projector. Ricoh PJ X5460, PJ WX5460 and PJ HD5450 projectors display images up to 300-in diagonal at a resolution of up to 1080p.

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