RGBLink introduces Tgo video controller

RGBLink has introduced the Tgo compact video controller that draws on the company’s Xpose app platform to add a range of features.

Tgo offers preset video control for connected video processors via the 8-in interactive touch screen display with live video previews available from supported processors. The customisable buttons help Tgo suit a range of fixed and mobile applications. Multiview video layouts are configurable too with capabilities for preset review and switching across multi-mode operations.

Tgo also offers direct control via the four in built gigabit LAN connections to power multi-source streaming from processors. 

The addition of an external HDMI monitor, keyboard and mouse turns Tgo into an Xpose workstation. 

Tgo is standard with desk-mount kit, with options for in-rack 19-in mounting as well as wall mounting.

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