RGB Spectrum introduces QuadView IPX 4Kp60 multi-image display processor

RGB Spectrum has introduced the QuadView IPX multiviewer for displaying up to four selected signals on a single screen.

Both HDMI and IP inputs are available, providing access to content generated locally as well as from remote locations.

The QuadView IPX supports both analog and digital audio, including audio embedded in HDMI and IP sources. It allows selecting and routing audio from any source to the output, even from a source not currently displayed.

Multiple control methods include a built-in web interface and third-party control via Ethernet and RS-232. Saved display configurations can be recalled as presets.

The QuadView IPX’s embedded architecture offers operational security without PC vulnerabilities to external tampering and hacking.

It is suitable for mission critical 24/7 operations, where reliability, security, high quality, and ruggedness count.

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