RGB Spectrum expands Linx switcher line

RGB Spectrum, has announced that it is expanding the Linx product family. The new Linx Prime switchers offer a user-selected mix of modular input and output card types for flexibility and power in a full-featured matrix switcher.

Already known for the ability to accept a mix of analogue as well as digital sources, including HDCP compliant HDMI signals, and output pixel perfect DVI/HDMI, the new Linx Prime offers an even wider range of sources, along with internal scaling of images.
Seven different types of input and output cards are available, including HDCP compliant DVI, fibre optic DVI, analogue RGB/YUV or HD/3G-SDI input cards and DVI, fibre optic DVI, or scaled DVI output cards. The user can configure the switcher with the desired number of each type of card for unprecedented flexibility. 
Linx switchers utilise an internal all-digital signal path offering superior performance, HDCP authentication and EDID management. Unlike other mixed analogue / digital solutions that are merely separate switchers in a common enclosure, the Linx Cross X Format™ switchers offer internal conversion of analogue signals to DVI. Any input, whether analogue or digital, can be routed to any output as a DVI signal. In addition, the new Linx Prime offers scaling of signals optimised to particular monitors and to allow synchronisation of outputs.
Linx Prime comprises three frame sizes: 8x8, 16x16 and 32x32. With their modular architecture, a short loaded frame can be expanded over time with additional I/O cards. Cards and power supplies are user swappable and require no special tools for installation.

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