RGB Spectrum adds security and digital signage options for Galileo

RGB Spectrum has announced the release of two new feature packs for its Galileo Display Processor in the Security Pack Option and the Digital Signage Option.

The Security Pack Option for the Galileo system offers corporate-level security that meets the requirements of IT administrators. It includes features designed to protect the integrity of system data and resources, including user profile security and event logging capabilities, as well as integration with Microsoft Active Directory authentication. With this feature, registered users login to the Galileo system with their MS Active Directory network user name and password, enabling a higher level of system security and IT oversight.

In addition, Security Pack features allow administrators to restrict user access to layouts, scripts, schedules, and even limit user accessibility to specific areas of a videowall. The Security Pack Option also includes detailed event logging which can be used for after action reporting, training, and a host of auditing functions.

The Digital Signage (DS) Option adds image manipulation capabilities to the Galileo system. It offers a timeline editor that can animate video input windows. Adjustable parameters include window size, position, cropping, opacity, rotation, input source, brightness, contrast, hue and saturation. The DS Option’s image editing capabilities allow users to create fully-customisable digital signage displays.