RGB releases Ethernet controllers

RGB Spectrum has released a family of remote Ethernet controllers. The BP-16 incorporates three versions and is a 16-button remote control panel for use with RGB products.

One version is for routing inputs and outputs on a Linx DVI 8x8 switcher; a second for selecting presets on any Linx DVI switcher and a third for selecting presets on RGB Spectrum's MediaWall, QuadView and SuperView products.

Ethernet network capability allows the BP-16 to work in a variety of control architectures, including LAN and WAN. Each unit has its own user configurable IP address and can be used either in a network environment or connected directly to a unit. The networkable architecture allows multiple BP 16's access to the same device.

The BP-16 can be mounted in a rack or used on a desktop.

RGB claims the remote control is solid and dependable due to a steel chassis and “best-available” switch assemblies. Removable button caps allow for the use of custom labels to reference specifically named presets.

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