Revolutionising Installations: UNICOL's Innovative Service Mount

Reduce downtime with UNICOL’s latest behind-screen service mount. This pull-out mount provides ample access to devices without removing the screen.

The ingenious team at UNICOL recently unveiled the Accession Mount, a game-changer for AV installations. It's not just about the spacious opening depth of 350mm, which provides ample room for manoeuvring and servicing devices. It's also about the quick-release latch and smooth scissor action pull-out movement that allows for effortless accessibility, streamlining maintenance tasks and minimising downtime. These unique features are a breath of fresh air for AV professionals, relieving them of complex tasks and empowering them to work more efficiently.

Versatility is another critical concern for AV professionals. With the ever-expanding range of devices and screen sizes, finding a mount that accommodates various configurations can be daunting. UNICOL's solution eliminates this dilemma with its integrated and adaptable AV trays. These spacious trays (310w by 488h mm) can be populated with a broad range of on-site or remote devices, offering unparalleled flexibility to cater to diverse installation requirements.

Another carefully thought-out detail is that UNICOL has engineered the accession mount to include a quick-release manual latch conveniently hidden at the top. The latch keeps the mount from being opened unnecessarily, and, with twin locks located on the sides of the mount, there is never any doubt about the security of any AV devices and small form equipment.

UNICOL's Accession Mounts are not just one-size-fits-all solution. It's meticulously designed to accommodate various screen sizes, making them versatile for different installation scenarios. Whether it's wall-mounted or floor-to-ceiling/ floor-to-wall mounted, UNICOL offers options to suit various spatial constraints, ensuring seamless integration into any environment. This adaptability is a key advantage for AV professionals, providing them with a solution that can flexibly meet their needs, reassurance its versatility, and address concerns about installation constraints.

Video conferencing has become ubiquitous in today's landscape, driving the demand for AV solutions that support such functionalities. The Accession mount is engineered with video conference compatibility, making it an ideal choice for modern collaborative spaces. By seamlessly supporting the integration of video conferencing equipment, UNICOL empowers organisations to enhance communication and collaboration, ultimately fostering productivity and engagement.

By addressing the challenges installers face with its innovative design and versatile features, UNICOL has set a new standard for efficiency, flexibility, and convenience. Whether optimising servicing procedures, accommodating diverse devices, or ensuring security and compatibility, UNICOL's solution is a testament to its commitment to empowering AV professionals and elevating their user experience.

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