Revolabs introduces YVC-300 portable conference phone

Revolabs, a subsidiary of Yamaha, has announced the debut of its YVC-300 portable USB and Bluetooth conference phone from Yamaha, bringing high-quality audio to new applications.

Designed for small groups and powered by USB, the YVC-300 is a conference phone delivering sound to ad-hoc meeting areas such as open collaboration and touchdown spaces.    

Designed for groups of four to six people and with portability in mind, the YVC-300 is for organisations that want to offer group communication systems without the cost of dedicated equipment for every conference room or open collaboration space.

Users can borrow a device from an available supply, connect it to their PC-based audio, video and web conferencing client via USB connection and return it at the end of the meeting.

The YVC-300 also turns smartphones and tablets into conference phones by acting as the microphone and speaker when connected by Bluetooth, including fast-pairing for NFC-enabled devices. Analog audio input and output terminals allow the phone to connect to videoconferencing systems. Calls placed simultaneously over any of the connection interfaces are bridged into a single call.

The unit is equipped with Yamaha's sound processing technologies — including adaptive echo cancellation, background noise reduction, and human voice activity detection.

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