Revolabs introduces HD Venue system

Revolabs has announced the HD Venue wireless microphone system designed for professional audio applications that require up to four wireless microphones.

The system is a rack-mounted two-channel system.  It uses any combination of Revolab’s HD mireless microphones; wearable, omni tabletop, directional tabletop, or adapters for an XLR handheld microphone and a countryman microphone. 
The HD Venue is suited to applications that focus on the spoken word, such as in houses of worship, public address systems, voice lift in classrooms and auditoriums, or rental microphone systems.
All Revolabs wireless microphone systems are digital, as opposed to VHF/UHF wireless microphone systems.  They use the 1.90 to 1.91 GHz radio frequencies and change frequency automatically to find a clear frequency for the short bursts of data transmission.

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