Renkus-Heinz launches subs for compact additions to S series

Loudspeaker manufacturer Renkus-Heinz has expanded its S series subwoofer line with the addition of the compact SX/SA28.

It is available in passive (SX28) and powered (SA28) models and suited to positioning under seating, under low stages, soffits, and incorporated into fixed furnishings. Multiple units can be arranged to create cardioid, end-fire, and steered low frequency arrays.

The SX/SA28 is designed to extend low frequency response and increase systemRenkus Heinz Sub rear view headroom in conjunction with Renkus-Heinz full range loudspeakers. It also adds low frequency to many of Renkus-Heinz’s other systems, such as the Iconyx and ICC series. It can expand overall frequency response to below 45 Hz.

The SX/SA28 also uses a pair of long excursion high efficiency 200 mm drive units mounted in a black or white painted plywood cabinet. 

Renkus Heinz sub half grille offSixteen M10 Universal Mounting Points allow the SX/SA28 to be flown using M10 eyebolts, and it has recessed handles, top-mounted pole adapter and integrated rear cable channels. The optional SA1250 power amplifier matches the power needs of the SA28.

The SA1250 is controlled via Rhaon II and its built-in DSP has eight fully parametric EQ filters, high and low shelf and high and low pass filters, and up to 358 ms. of delay. All options are accessed via a Windows computer running Rhaon II.

The SA28-RD1 and SA128-RD add Dante digital signal distribution capability, including AES67 compatibility and network redundancy.

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