Renkus-Heinz bolsters Iconyx

Renkus-Heinz has extended its Iconyx family of digitally steered array loudspeaker systems with two new models.

The ICL-LM-R is a low-midrange module designed to augment a full-range IC Live array, adding low-mid frequency directivity to a single or dual ICL-R equipped system.

Its seven 6.5”, low frequency, neodymium transducers are designed to improve low-mid frequency pattern control and performance below 800 Hz.

A single ICL-LM-R module can blend with single or dual ICL-R modules and one or two IC212S-R or IC215S-R subwoofers to create a full-range live sound solution. Both portable (R models) and permanent installation (FR models) are available.

The IC212S-R subwoofer is a dual 12” subwoofer designed for applications that do not require the extended low frequency range of the IC215S-R subwoofer.

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