Renkus-Heinz announces modular point source system

AUTHOR: Inavate

Renkus-Heinz has introduced the new CF/CFX Series, a modular point source line array loudspeaker system.

Designed for power, portability and versatility, the CF/CFX Series is designed to meet the needs of today's small and mid-sized venues, from auditoriums and theatres to night clubs and houses of worship.
The CF101-LA Point Array Module is a 10-inch two way design that offers a 15-degree vertical coverage pattern, integrated crossover, and Renkus-Heinz's exclusive Tuned Conic Diverter waveguide. Up to four CF101-LA cabinets can be arrayed to provide a 90x60 degree coverage pattern, delivering up to 9 dB more output and tighter vertical pattern control than a conventional single cabinet.