Remote media player from Displaze

Displaze has introduced an integrated digital signage adapter that deploys a digital signage network with LAN and internet connectivity. The AKR-NET03 utilises standard file transfer protocols. Digital media files can be transferred from any source to multiple players simultaneously.

It is supplied with software for local network management and can be managed remotely via the internet with additional software.

The player utilises a dedicated media processing device which is claimed to optimise performance whilst minimising hardware cost, reducing capital expenditure and return on investment cycles.

The signage player has features required for a simple digital signage application such as stills and video replay, RSS ticker feed and date/time display. It supports multiple output standards making it compatible with legacy and current displays.

Full featured remote management software enables remote management of content. If the player can access the internet, single and groups of players can be managed with the standard software. Additional software is available to enable web-based management over the internet.

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