RealWear unveils Navigator 500 ‘assisted-reality’ HMD

RealWear has highlighted its Navigator 500 ‘assisted-reality’ head mounted display (HMD), featuring a new modular platform and improved ergonomics.

The RealWear Navigator 500 includes a modular platform with an upgradeable 48 megapixel camera system, hot-swappable battery and Wi-Fi with an optional 4G modem. 

The user interface can be voice-controlled and features noise-cancellation technology for high-noise environments, enabling local voice recognition in environments up to 100 decibels. 

The HMD provides a non-immersive experience, allowing workers to maintain high situational awareness when needed. 

The Navigator 500’s camera enables enhanced zoom in telephoto mode, capturing greater than X4 zoom while maintaining 1080p quality. The camera also includes auto-focus and video stabilisation features. 

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