RealWear launches cloud offering

RealWear, the provider of assisted reality wearable products, has launched RealWear Cloud, marking a shift from a hardware-centric company to a fully platform-centric business.

RealWear Cloud is a new multi-purpose software offering for IT and business operations. Through the new dashboard, IT and Business Operations can remotely and securely streamline control of their RealWear device fleet.

As companies grow their fleet of RealWear devices, RealWear Cloud allows for low-touch, over-the-air firmware updates, keeping the devices secure and company data protected. Working alongside organisations’ existing EMM or MDM software such as Microsoft Endpoint Manager (InTune), the offering further provides teams more real-time data and metrics to optimise operational efficiency.

RealWear Cloud complements existing EMM/MDM products and enables device-specific control and configuration capabilities. Also, it is the only way to gain trusted and secure access to certified third-party apps designed for our product portfolio. 

In addition, RealWear is introducing RealWear Cloud Assistance as part of the offering.  RealWear Cloud Assistance provides real-time remote technical support and troubleshooting to frontline workers to quickly identify, diagnose and fix device issues.

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