Really Creative Media launches Virtual Stage

Really Creative Media (RCM) has launched Virtual Stage, adapting its event and broadcast technology, alongside content generation, to enable creative professional live streaming performances and presentations.

Virtual Stage is a simulation platform for venues, conference organisers, brand activations and live music promoters to host events remotely while maintaining lockdown curfews.

With thousands of events cancelled and rescheduling opportunities still uncertain, Virtual Stage uses a powerful 3D engine to create virtual environments, to allow live streaming from professionally presented, engaging environments. All without the need for people to go anywhere.

All participants (artists / speakers / product demos) can be streamed live, or filmed from their own locations and integrated into the on stage screens. Pre-recorded participants’ content can also be added to be part of a collective event scene.

Really Creative Media’s Nick Dew said: “The live event setting can be customised to the clients’ creative aspirations, without the budgetary restraints that can be a limiter to set design in the real world. Our Virtual Stage requires no one to leave their location and travel to a studio with technicians, so puts nobody at risk, but will deliver content that is truly engaging.”

“For example, we can produce a conference live stream in a 3D simulated venue, incorporating multiple speakers or panel discussions, with pips and slide management on screens built into the 3D stage set and allow Q & A interaction with specific remote delegates.”  

RCM has co-operated with venues and production companies to produce realistic 3D venue simulations, which a client can then license to host their conference to be streamed to any number of speakers and delegates, where-ever they are in the world.

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