Reach releases H.323 network recording and streaming server

Reach has released the H.323 network recording and streaming server that supports H.323, H.225, H.245 and H.239 standards.

It is rack mountable (1U in size), and runs on an embedded system designed for 24/7 applications. 

The server supports network storage (FTP, Samba, NAS and iSCSI) and RAID disk function with mass filing systems. 

It is capable of supporting up to 10 groups of 1080p parallel conferences and up to 100 concurrent live/VOD users. 

The H.323 server can simultaneously capture video, audio and computer screen signals from video conferencing system’s MCU or terminal. 

Encoding with H.264, the video bit rate can be to set range from 128Kbps to 8Mbps, and the device supports streaming in CIF/4CIF/720p/1080p up to 30fps.

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