RCF upgrades VSA and EVAC systems

RCF will show installation products at ISE 2016 including upgraded VSA and EVAC technologies and DXT emergency evacuation systems.

On show will be the EN54-16 compliant DXT 3000, DXT 7000 and DXT 9000 systems. The DXT 9000 has been upgraded with new components, including the MU 9186R Master Unit with integrated router and RP 9600 Data Repeater.

Features of the MU 9186R include: maximum connection of eight systems, giving a total network of 256 units; twin LAN ports for Digital Audio In (1 channel from external source), and Out (2 channels up to 4 sub-systems or 1 channel from 5 to 8 sub-systems).

The MU 9186R acts as the Master Unit with networking facility on-board. This is used when the system requires a distributed configuration where several MU 9186R and relevant UP 9501 slave amplifier units (1 x 500W), UP 9502 (2 x 250W) or UP 9504 (4 x 125W) are connected through the dedicated RCF-Flexicomm data-link port, giving a capacity to serve hundreds or even thousands of zones.

The RP 9600 Data Repeater must be inserted between the master unit (either the MU 9186 / MU 9186R or MX 9502 / MX 9504) and amplifiers (UP 9501 / UP 9502 / UP 9504) when the bus cable is longer than 180 metres or the system includes more than 15 UP 950x amplifiers. 

Completing the new DXT 9000 system components, the IN 9000 Integrity Network Emergency Console emergency console is designed as an interface to provide a fully analogue redundancy in the event of interruption by the RCF-Flexicomm bus.

The console is equipped with a monitored fireman’s microphone with PTT button, and can be powered by 24V to 48V external supply providing at least 20W output power.

Following EN54-16 standard requirements the complete audio and command path is monitored and system faults reported and logged in the front panel by a dedicated LED.

The output signal can be distributed to 64 DXT 9000 units, and distributed over four, selectable, independent lines. 

Upgrades to the DXT 3000 include the new MG 3006 Monitored GPI Board, an accessory that monitors emergency system GPI, to enable detection and reporting of any open line or short circuit in the signal path between the DXT 3000 and other alarm devices, such as alarm buttons. It can trigger both a General and a Zone evac event from alarm devices and send the Reset command — working exactly as a Fire Alarm System. It is powered by 24V DC provided by the MX 3250 main board, and therefore does not require an external supply.

Finally, the IE 3008 Interlink Board allows connection of up to eight MX 3250 units, in a Master/Slave configuration. The first MX 3250 will be the Master unit, and the others will be Slaves. 

A maximum of four BM 3804 can be connected to the master unit, interlocked on a single chain, and the first one (with eight BE 3806 connected) is powered by the MX 3250. Up to eight BE 3806 can be connected to each BM 3804 in the chain — and each extension can select and manage each zone of a specific MX 3250 unit. Local paging for non-emergency purposes is possible by connecting a BM 3022 console to each unit. 

Background music (BGM) works both at system and local level: at system level, BGM will be injected on the dedicated IE 3008 input of the master MX 3250 (with global Mute command available on its main board); at local level, for each system, BGM can be enabled using a hardware setting on each unit main board. Simultaneous presence of the MG 3006 and IE 3008 are also possible. System units will communicate through a fully redundant bus, transporting commands over RS485 and two audio channels.

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