RCF unveils VSA 2050 steerable array

RCF has targeted indoor installations, launching the VSA 2050, a multi-amplified vertical steerable array.

Using DSP technology, the VSA 2050 processes the audio signal sent to each speaker. This allows it to control vertical acoustic dispersion and address the audio signal exactly to the listening area.

Transducers have been developed for the VSA, in a bid to offer high intelligibility and wider frequency response.

The powerful DSP circuit is directly connected in digital domain to the twenty 50 W
Class-D technology power amplifiers, which are able to drive the 20 transducers with optimal headroom. The amplification circuits include several protection systems and controls to ensure safe operation of the speaker.

Through the remote control’s touch screen interface it is possible to navigate between three different groups of presets.

For two out of the three groups of presets the only parameters that the operator has to insert are the installation height of the column and the area to cover.

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