RCF launches new D Line speakers

RCF has launched two new speaker models for the D Line two way speaker series: The HD 35-A and the HD 15-A.

The HD 35-A features 132 DB max SPL, 1400W two way peak power, DSP processing with firphase filter technology and an 800 Hz crossover point.  

A 1.4-in titanium compression driver is included, with a 15-in woofer and fan-less class D amplifier.

The HD 15-A has 130 DB max SPL and, like the HD 35-A, also features 1400W two way peak power and DSP processing with firphase filter technology.

The HD 15-A includes a 1-in compression driver and also has a 15-in woofer, and a fan-less class D amplifier.

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