RCF launches ART 9-AX Series Bluetooth speakers

RCF has launched the ART 9-AX Series of Bluetooth speakers, which feature a 2.4-in colour touch screen and a push encoder to adjust all speaker settings on-the-fly.

The speaker can be used alone, or connected to another ART, or even connected to a subwoofer; users can also connect two ART 9-AX units via wireless for stereo or dual mono configurations.

Microphones can be connected to the 48V powered preamps or the line inputs, an internal 6-channel digital mixer with advanced DSP. A smartphone can connect to the ART AX via the Bluetooth audio input and it features a remote control for both single and dual-paired speakers.

All operations can be controlled by the 2.4-inch colour touch display with a push knob on the back panel or remotely by the LiveRemote App. 


ART 9-AX has several operating modes, alone or paired with other speakers and/or subwoofers, wired or wireless. All available functions, presets and parameters are rear-panel accessible via a capacitive colour touch screen with a push encoder knob, or from a dedicated app, with iOS and Android devices.

ART 9-AX  features 48V microphone preamps and line inputs, Bluetooth audio input and an internal 6-channel digital mixer with Compressors, EQs, Reverb, and Ducker. It also features a 5-band equaliser, output delay and a built-in digital crossover with presets, step-by-step configuration option and Easy/Advanced control modes.

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