RCF introduces three bass reflex subwoofers

RCF has added three bass reflex subwoofers to its SUB 7 Series.  The SUB 702-AS II, 705-AS II and 708-AS II were engineered to integrate with RCF professional speakers in a variety of situations, from portable to big fixed installations.

The subwoofers have a built-in DSP, and new 12-in, 15-in and 18-in transducers specifically developed to provide maximum sensitivity and linearity, as well as lighter weight.

Housing a 12-in woofer, the SUB 702-AS II features a 1400W digital amplifier, it was created to complement RCF's 8-in and 10-in speakers.

The SUB 705-AS II is a bass reflex subwoofer equipped with a 15-in woofer with 3-in voice coil, powered by a 1400W digital amplifier in a plywood housing.

The SUB 708-AS II has an 18-in woofer, with 3.0-in voice coil, and a 1400W amplifier, and can increase the low end performance of a portable PA system, both in terms of output and frequency extension.

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