RCF introduces Media Series white models

Loudspeaker manufacturer RCF has added to its Media Series range with white models, including the M1001 and M1201.

The Media Series features a range of passive speakers, from the smallest 5-in to the largest 12-in, and is suitable for small-to-medium size projects, for distributed systems, or as a complement to the RCF Compact or H Series Models.

RCF has introduced the Media Series White Version, and two new models - M1001 and M1201, available in black and white.

M501, M601, M801, M1001, M1201 are multipurpose two-way full-range speaker systems, suitable for a range of installations.

The available mounting accessories allow the use of the speakers wall- or ceiling-mounted, according to several possible applications, including VESA Standard mounting facilities on the rear of the cabinets.

The models feature high sensitivity thanks to the use of oversized magnets, and a comfortable sound quality with smooth and wide frequency response performed with the Kapton diaphragm compression driver loaded on a constant directivity horn. The LICC crossover design includes an electronic protection on high frequency device.

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