RCF introduces business music line at ISE 2020

RCF introduced its business music line at the show, a range of products which enable commercial audio systems to be designed for background and foreground music. ​

The new range allows for the distribution of audio channels in a variety of environments with specific volume and equalisation needs, with both amplifiers and speakers on offer.

Digital music amplifiers

The business music line’s amplifiers range (digital music amplifiers) is comprised of the DMA 82 (Two x 80W) and DMA 162 (Two x 160W), featuring a compact size of 1/2 rank unit width and one rank unit height, capable of desktop or rank installation with the relevant optional accessory. IP30 certification is also included.

The amplifiers incorporate a matrix/DSP platform with recallable speaker pre-sets, available on RCF’s websites to allow users to set parameters for the environment rather than the connected speakers.

Configuration can be achieved either via the front panel with a dedicated user interface and OLED display or RCF’s RDNet software, using an optional board which also allows for the control of some device features from third-party systems via a serial protocol to integrate with other systems.

The amplifiers can also distribute four audio channels to satellite DPA units and includes on-board digital signal processing, with the DPA 162 able to be used to increase the installed power and build multi-room architecture after receiving a processed audio signal from the four-channel bus on one CAT5 cable bus with a local stereo input alternative.

Routing to power outputs can be achieved via the DIP switch, with configuration able to be carried out using RDNet.  

Each unit can receive two mono or a single stereo channel from the four-channel audio bus, using a local stereo input as an alternative.

A line output for the subwoofer is also included.

MF 33EN ceiling speaker

The MF 33EN ceiling speaker is designed for recess installation in false ceilings or panels, with 100 degrees x 160 degrees coverage angle in a horizontal or vertical wall mount installation.

The WMF 33EN speaker includes a ‘self-extinguishing’ EN54-24 certified enclosure, with intelligible voice reproduction for voice-alarm and evac messages.


Monitor speaker models

The MR 40T and MR 50T two-way bass reflex speakers are sold in pairs with black or white colour options, featuring specific bracketry designed for wall mounting either as individuals or in clusters of up to four loudspeakers.

Passive speakers

Five passive speaker models were also shown, ranging from five-in to 12-in woofer size, accompanied by the 10-in SUB S 10 and the 12-in SUB S 12 subwoofers alongside RDNet compatible VSA II vertical steerable array models with an additional black colour.



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