RCF debuts Sub AX series

RCF has launched its SUBs 15-AX and SUB 18-AX, 15-in and 18-in active subwoofers for live sound applications.

Both models feature processing, a colour touch panel, and remote control via Bluetooth. Class-D amplifiers are included to deliver sound pressure levels up to 133 dB and 135 dB with clarity and headroom.

Both models centralise speaker management and feature stereo crossovers, eight-band EQs, routing, and delays, as well as internal crossover presets for RCF speakers.

The subwoofers can be used with the RCF LiveRemote app, controlling up to eight AX devices via Bluetooth simultaneously from a smartphone or tablet.

 The SUB AX series can be used in cardioid configurations, with 2,200 Watts of power and an all-wood polyurea coated cabinet which features a sealed Powercon True1 Top connector and handles with rubber grips.

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