RCF debuts HVL series loudspeakers

RCF has launched its HVL series loudspeakers, designed for coverage in large arenas and outdoor stadiums.

The HVL series is available with weatherproof cabinets, with six RCF neodymium precision transducers in a symmetrical, horn loaded configuration for efficiency and sound quality over long distances.

The loudspeakers’ transducers feature neodymium magnetic circuits and new voice coil ventilation systems, with a pair of 15-in drivers at the low end, a pair of 10-in midrange drivers and two titanium dome compression drivers with four-in voice coils at the top.

The HVL series provides a frequency response of 43 Hz – 18,0000 Hz (-10 dB), driven in bi-amped mode with a maximum SPL of 133 dB (LF) and 145 dB (MHF).

Two coverage options are available: 90 degrees x 30 degrees (L) and 60 degrees x 30 degrees (P) with one bass module (S).

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