RCF Audio launches new HDL subwoofers

RCF has updated its HDL subwoofer range with two new models: the HDL 38-AS and the HDL 36-AS, designed for indoor system and theatre applications.

Both subwoofers include a built-in 3200 W class-D amplifier, RDNet remote monitoring and real-time control. deal flown bass complement

The HDL 38-AS has 136 Db max SPL, with a 3200W peak class-D amplifier, 30-140 Hz frequency response, RDNet networked management and a 1x18-in neodymium woofer with a 4-in voice coil.  

The HDL 36-AS features 135dB max SPL, a 3200W class-D amplifier, 40-140 Hz frequency response, RDNet networked management and a 15-in neodymium woofer with 4-in voice coils.

The subwoofers features onboard DSP to provide system equalisation, polarity control, an RMS limiter and configuration control alongside cardioid and end fire features.

Each feature can be accessed on the cabinet’s rear panel or accessed remotely via RDNet networked management.

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