RCF announces digital matrix mixers

RCF has announced AX 8042 digital matrix mixers, designed on a powerful DSP platform, for installed sound and commercial audio applications.

A dedicated TS 9918 touch sensitive flat remote can be used to control for devices or as additional local controls in larger installations, where a networked centralised control system is required.

RCF RDNet facility also offers real-time accessibility and monitoring for enabled products throughout an installation.

The AX 8042 has eight universal mic-line inputs with selectable 48V phantom power on detachable Euroblock connectors, four of which are also pre-sent on RCA plugs.

It has six outputs - four of these are balanced on detachable Euroblock terminals and are included in the audio matrix while the two remaining are available as RCA plugs and can be separately processed and combined to any of the previous four.

The processing power supports the setting of a number of audio parameters, such as parametric equalisers, gates, compressors, limiters, delays, duckers, priorities, automatic level and gain control as well as levels and gains on cross-points, automixer functions and filters.

One input can be set as noise detection microphone input: the detected noise is elaborated and used to automatically adjust the volume in one zone (or group of zones) of the audio system, according to the user configuration.

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