RCF announces 3 VSA arrays

The RCF VSA steerable array is now available in three models: VSA 2050, VSA 1250 and VSA 850.

VSA allows a user to address the audio signal exactly to the listening area in an effort to boost speech intelligibility, mainly in critical environments with high reverberation time.

Tilting and beaming are not affected by the steering and the horizontal coverage is wide and not impaired by discontinuities.

The VSA is able to obtain coverage up to 30 meters. The models are suitable for audio transmission in critical acoustical environments such as transportation halls, sports arenas, convention centres, conference halls, auditoriums and houses of worship.

The VSA 2050, VSA 1250 & VSA 850 are multi-amplified, vertical, steerable arrays. DSP technology allows the VSA to process the audio signal sent to each speaker and control its vertical acoustic dispersion.

Transducers have been developed for the VSA. The DSP circuit is directly and digitally connected to each of the Class-D technology power amplifiers, which are able to drive the transducers with the optimal headroom. The amplification circuits include several protection systems and controls. 

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