Quicklink to unveil AI-powered video production platform at NAB 2023

At NAB 2023 (booth N2867), Quicklink will demonstrate the AI-enabled STS410 & Cre8, the video production platform available on premises or in the cloud.

It is a video production interface for creating professional virtual, in-person and hybrid events. Quicklink’s STS410 combines all the tools required to create professional productions to connect a global audience and deliver an experience. 

Using NVIDIA Maxine, Cre8 includes NVIDIA’s AI and machine learning technology which is used to increase the production quality and improve productivity of productions by applying AI-powered filters to sources.

Cre8 can capture and introduce an unlimited amount of sources, such as cameras, microphones, videos, NDI sources and remote guests, and apply AI-powered filters directly within the Cre8 interface, including; auto framing, video noise removal, noise & echo cancellation and eye contact simulation.

Eye contact simulation filter ensures presenters, Quicklink Studio, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other remote guests are always looking directly at the camera, even when looking away or reading notes.

Users can stream simultaneously to any platform, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Twitch, and any other destination via RTMP or SRT, or output using the on-board HD-SDI outputs featured on the STS410.

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