Quicklink to showcase 8K-ready video production platform at IBC 2023

Quicklink will highlights its AI-enabled Cre8, an 8K-ready video production platform available as broadcast-grade hardware, software or virtually in the cloud.

The production platform can be accessed and controlled remotely, offering UHD/HD SDI outputs and IP or SRT streaming outputs directly to the web.

The Cre8 STS410 features 16 available 12G-SDI programmable video inputs/outputs, allowing users to create multi-camera productions. Audio sources can be independently routed to create multiple mix-minus, with full balance and audio delay control via an inbuilt audio bus.

A multi-channel audio mixer supports up to eight channels of audio, enabling the configuration and management of audio levels of each individual source, mixing outputs and programming.

PTZ cameras can be connected via IP, with integrated controls and presets, with support for Livewire+ and Dante.

Integration for Quicklink Studio callers is available, with pre-screen, control and management of remote guests through Quicklink Manager.

Guests can also be natively introduced using videoconferencing platforms including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype, Facetime and Google Meet.

Cre8 is available as Cre8 Software, Cre8 Cloud and Cre8 STS410.

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