Q-SYS intros PL Series installation loudspeakers

Q-SYS has announced the PL Series, a portfolio of performance installation loudspeakers for a range of applications, including auditoriums, houses of worship, theatres, small sports venues and more.

Q-SYS PL Series includes a wide range of form factors (line array, point source and subwoofer), allowing integrators to ensure an optimal audio experience for each unique space. When paired with the power of the Q-SYS Platform, including Q-SYS processing and network amplifiers, PL Series lets integrators take advantage of simplified setup and custom voicings (Intrinsic Correction), advanced telemetry, monitoring and customisable end-user control. 

For applications requiring higher performance audio, PL Series feature a weatherized enclosure (IP54 rating) in a range of options:

PL-LA models are two-way passive line arrays (8-in and 12-in) suitable for front-of-house needs in small to medium-sized venues. Integrators can deliver simplified deployment and sonic performance through custom voicings and filter sets by pairing with native Q-SYS network amplifiers. In addition, they feature QSC Length-Equalized Acoustic Flare (QSC LEAF) waveguide providing superior acoustic performance through highly optimised internal sound paths.

PL-DC models are two-way point source loudspeakers with directivity control. The dual-4-in and dual-6-in are suitable as stage fills, delays or under balcony fills, while the 8-in and 12-in can act as delays or be deployed in distributed systems. The three larger models also include reconfigurable half-horn assemblies that enable more control over the sound coverage area for optimal design flexibility.

PL-SUB are passive subwoofers (10-in, 12-in, 15-in and 18in) that offer a range of size options, all in a compact form factor. Additionally, the two larger subwoofers offer omnidirectional or cardioid coverage when deploying two or more subwoofers. 

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