Q-SYS extends AcousticDesign Series for challenging spaces

Q-SYS has announced two AcousticDesign Series 6.5-in two-way ceiling-mount loudspeakers, which offer higher-power handling for challenging environments.

The AD-C6T-HC is suitable for high ceilings or reverberant spaces such as ballrooms, airports, atriums and lobbies, while the AD-C6T-HP offers higher SPL at standard ceiling heights, ideal for high-energy restaurants, retail spaces or larger meeting facilities. 

The AD-C6T-HC and AD-C6T-HP offer a sleek aesthetic design, as well as the same premium, consistent tonal quality as the rest of the AcousticDesign portfolio, allowing users to mix-and-match between form factors.

In addition to the blind-mounting, integrators can take advantage of Q-SYS Intrinsic Correction to simplify the tuning process with custom Q-SYS loudspeaker voicings via the Q-SYS cloud-manageable audio, video, and control Platform further enhancing performance and speed of installation. 

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