QSC introduces loudspeakers and Q-SYS hardware & software

QSC has introduced a range of products including the NL Series loudspeakers, NM Series tabletop network mics, and QIO Series network I/O expanders for Q-SYS.

The NM Series tabletop network microphone and the NL Series network loudspeakers are powered by the Q-SYS OS.

The Q-SYS NM Series NM-T1 is a tabletop PoE network microphone that features beamforming technology with four software-configurable zones and up to 360° coverage. The NM-T1 enables users to manage meetings with a fully programmable RGB LED light ring for visual indication of microphone mute state. For touchless operation, it includes an integrated proximity sensor that is activated with a hand wave over the microphone. 

All processing on the NM-T1 is centralised on the Q-SYS Core processor, providing processing flexibility and headroom for additional field-deployable microphone enhancements via software now and into the future.

The NL Series loudspeakers for Q-SYS offer three enclosure types, all delivering speech and music reproduction to any collaboration space. As the first QSC soundbar, the Q-SYS NL-SB42 is a 4-in, two-way network PoE soundbar optimised for front-of-room audio in either horizontal or vertical orientations. The Q-SYS NL-P4 is a 4-in full-range pendant-mount PoE network loudspeaker to accommodate open-ceiling installations, and the Q-SYS NL-C4 is a 4-in ceiling-mount PoE network loudspeaker for blind-mount finished ceiling applications. 

All NL Series models are PoE and PoE+ capable, delivering audio data, power and control over a single network connection, greatly reducing traditional cabling infrastructure costs and complexity while expediting deployment. 

As native Q-SYS Products designed to work together, the NM Series microphone, NL Series soundbar and TSC Series Gen 3 touch screen controllers benefit from Q-SYS Call Sync technology. This automatically syncs mute state, call controls and LED status indicators across compatible Q-SYS Products, major UC platforms and calling systems (VoIP/POTS) enabling a simplified collaboration experience without the need for complicated programming. Q-SYS Call Sync will be available in the upcoming Q-SYS Designer Software v9.5.

QSC has also announced the QIO Series network I/O expanders for the Q-SYS cloud-manageable audio, video and control Platform. These new I/O expanders provide I/O customisation for users who need to add non-networked audio and control connectivity to a Q-SYS system without complicated programming.

The QIO Series includes three Audio I/O models and three Control I/O models, each supporting a specific connectivity type. Designed to support distributed, centralised or hybrid networks and processing architectures, these I/O expanders enable designers to decouple the location of device I/O from the audio, video and control processing. This expands the I/O customization possibilities of the newer Q-SYS Core processors that have fewer onboard I/O options, including the Core Nano, Core 8 Flex and NV-32-H (Core Capable). All models feature a compact form factor that can be rack- or surface-mounted.

QSC has also introduced the AcousticDesign Series Direct Weather Landscape (AD-DWL) loudspeakers featuring a sleek, elevated bollard enclosure design that allows sound to travel above obstructions while providing an impact-resistant product for customised outdoor installations. 

The Direct Weather Landscape Series includes the AD-DWL.180 loudspeaker (180° directional coverage) and the AD-DWL.360 loudspeaker (360° directional coverage), while the companion AD-DWL.SUB subwoofer extends the low-frequency sound profile.

Finally, QSC has also announced Q-SYS Scaling licenses, enabling integrators and IT administrators to expand DSP processing power and application-specific features on the Q-SYS Core Nano and Core 8 Flex.

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