QSC extends E Series support with software and firmware

QSC has announced the release of software and firmware for GXD and PLD amplifiers to support the E Series range of passive loudspeakers.

The amplifier navigator V2.2.5 and GXD firmware updater now offers upgraded DSP settings for the four models in the E Series range.

The GXD Firmware Updater software adds new E Series presets to the GXD operating system, with various settings for each model. Presets include are E10: Stereo E10, Stereo E10 + Sub, Stereo E10 Dance + Sub, E10 Monitors; E12: Stereo E12, Stereo E12 + Sub, Stereo E12 Dance, Stereo E12 Dance + Sub; E15: Stereo E15, Stereo E15 + Sub, Stereo E15 Dance, Stereo E15 Dance + Sub; E18: Stereo E18 Subwoofers.

The Amplifier Navigator software allows a user to remotely control and monitor all functions of CXD and PLD amplifiers, including the onboard DSP functionality and amplifier configuration. It additionally provides a mechanism to create, store and recall presets and loudspeaker profiles to and from a PC or Mac. Users can furthermore upload specific profiles to connected amplifiers and enable amplifier cloning.

The firmware will automatically be updated to the latest software when a user connects or more amplifiers to a computer running Amplifier Navigator.

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