QSC boosts processing on Q-Sys Enterprise Cores

AUTHOR: Inavate

QSC Audio Products has announced the next generation of Q-Sys Enterprise Cores that will double processing capabilities of previous models.

The Core 1100 will provide up to 256x network audio Flex-channels and 72x AEC channels using a pair of XEON 4-core processors, while the Core 3100 will provide up to 512x512 fixed network audio channels and 144x AEC channels using a pair of XEON 8-core processors.

QSC has also released a software update - Q-Sys Designer Version 4.0, to support the cores as well as CXD-Q amplifiers, I/O Frame 8 and the TSC-7 POE touchscreen controller.

Additionally Q-Sys Designer V4.0 includes software features such as Core-to-Core paging which allows individual cores to seamlessly transmit messages across a campus-wide installation, Timeline Playback, plus a Dynamic Threshold Auto-mixer for AV Conferencing applications.

Also included are greater Scripting capabilities as well as enhancements to existing Q-Sys features such as the Notch Feedback Controller, Reverb & Delay Effects, Scheduler, Acoustic Echo Canceller, I/O Monitor and Audio Playback capabilities, which have been augmented to include Fast-Forward, Rewind and Synchronization to LTC and GPS.