QSC bolsters TouchMix-30 with firmware update

QSC has released firmware Version 1.1 for the TouchMix-30 Pro Compact Digital Mixer, a 32-channel mixer.

The firmware adds Direct Download for Upgrades, Parametric EQ improvements and Channel Safe functions.

The Direct Download for Upgrades means the mixer will check for and download all future firmware updates when connected to the internet and provided with a USB memory device to store the download.

When the channel RTA is disabled, the EQ graph now expands vertically to occupy the space that was formerly used for the RTA. The Q parameter now responds to a pinching gesture on the touchscreen. This function is supported on the mixer as well as the latest release of the TouchMix Control app.

Also available with the new firmware download is the Channel Safe function, which prevents an individual channel’s settings from being changed by a scene recall if the user sets the “can’t change” channel to Safe. The safe channel can then still operate normally but it will be unchanged by any scene recall. Both inputs and outputs can be set to be Channel Safe.

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